RELX Pod Pro – White Freeze (Icy Slush)


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RELX Pod Pro – White Freeze (Icy Slush)

Relx White Freeze Pods is a  flavorful blend that will cool you off in seconds! The RELX White Freeze Icy slush pod features a mix of frozen popsicles infused with slightly creamy banana flavors finished with a refreshing exhale of mint. RELX Classic Pods utilize its innovative FEELM technology. The wicking material is based on a ceramic block with a flat thin heating element to ensure exceptional vapor production and a smooth flavor profile.

Zero Icy Slush is cool and refreshing creamy ice cream, perfect for a hot summer day.
The creamy and smooth flavor blends perfectly with the cool effect of the after taste.
Icy Slush with the flavorful cream will cool you off in seconds.

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