E-Liquids in Pakistan

E-Liquids and Electronic cigarettes were invented back in 2004 and they still a relatively new phenomenon, almost completely unregulated by any laws.

Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids in pakistan have nothing to do with tobacco products and do not fall under government laws, which explicitly prohibit smoking in most public places, including public catering establishments, transportation, etc.

In principle, it is not forbidden to vape an e-liquids almost everywhere, and for the moment vaping is regulated only by the common sense of the vaper himself and also by some local rules operating in a certain place. For example, you can’t use your electronic cigarettes on board of the most airlines, at the airport and inside the public transportation vehicles and stations. This is not due to the potential danger of e-liquids, but to the inability to control other passengers, because if one of them will use an e-liquids – someone will definitely decide that you can smoke freely, or smoke can provoke panic. Hereby, there is only one rule – do not vape where you would not smoke. And, of course, we must bear in mind that the vapor from the electronic cigarette can still cause justified irritation and discontent among the surrounding people.

Vape in Pakistan

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One more thing – although the sale of electronic cigarettes is not restricted in any way and is not regulated by law, electronic cigarettes and liquid for them are not provided to persons under 18, regardless of the content of nicotine in the liquid.

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