The most common vaping starter kit, box mods and sub-ohm tanks are a great combination for vaping, connected by a threaded 510 connection. Far from being discrete, box mod and sub-ohm tank configurations are able to blow gargantuan clouds of vapor at the simple press of a button. Box mods are known for their use of external 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery cells to power the device, though some box mods do incorporate rechargeable internal batteries with various capacities. Regularly paired for use with Sub-Ohm Tanks, these kits utilize prebuilt coil cores that are threaded or pressed into the Sub-Ohm Tank base and can hold between to 2-8mL of e-liquid with ease. Mainly using freebase e-liquid, the box mod and sub-ohm tank combination relies on lower nicotine concentrations between 0-12mg, due to their large output of vapor. Box Mod Starter Kits are incredibly easy to use and maintenance on them is relatively low and simple, mainly needing recharging batteries and the intermittent tank disassembly and cleaning. Sometimes requiring extra juice bottles, batteries, and the occasional spare coil, the larger coil within sub-ohm tanks can go through 10s of milliliters of eJuice in a single day to output the huge clouds of vapor.

Although quite heavy, the weight is no issue for those that hold them in book bags or purses. Many box mods today are safe when used correctly and are regulated to protect the user, but they must be turned off to prevent accidental firings that will burn the coil, leading to bad taste and potentially dangerous carcinogens from the burnt cotton. The range of pricing varies for these starter kits, depending on the styling, capabilities, and manufacturer.

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