About us

VapeOnHai is the largest retail store-based electronic cigarette distributor. We take pride in helping people make the transition from “analog” cigarettes to a more enjoyable, odorless alternative.

Who We Are ?

VapeOnHai is committed to supplying our customers with the best vaporizers and e-liquids in Pakistan. As the vapor industry has changed over the years our passion has always remained for quality service and unique products. We make vaping accessible for new users and provide advanced users with cutting-edge commodities and expertise.

Your one stop Vape Shop in Karachi, where we aim to provide our customers with the best e-liquid in Pakistan, vape kits in Pakistan, replacement coils and much more.

From VapeOnHai, you can buy vapes online at a click.  Yes you got it right, Online Vape store in Pakistan. VapeOnHai is delivered all over Pakistan. If you already vape, we know you’ll love our stuff. If you’re considering the vape life, jump in with VapeOnHai  to have the best experience from the start.

Looking forward to seeing you in our Vape store in Karachi.