Lychee by Cloud Niners


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Cloud Niners Lychee

Cloud Niners Lychee ELiquid is a delectable lychee blend. You will notice that not many vape juices out there with lychee flavours as it can be tough to get right. Even when faced with this difficulty, Vape Sauce has produced a lychee flavour that is a blast to vape!

Paired with a refreshing cooling sensation, this flavour nails the natural flavour of lychee. This e-juice is all-day vape material, especially during summer and hot days. The natural aroma is easily identified when you open the top cap of the bottle. On the inhale, expect the taste of fresh lychee to overwhelm your taste buds and linger on your taste buds. The exhale opens up the lychee even more, reminding you of drinking ice cold lychee water on a very hot day.

Available in 60ml
PG/VG: 30/70
Nic strength: 3mg

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Additional information