Solace was founded in 2015 by four young entrepreneurs with a bold vision to re-invent the way people utilize nicotine delivery products.  After hundreds of experiments and tests, Solace’s team finally launched the first ever nicotine salts for open pod based vaporizer devices.

Solace has since grown to a globally recognized brand with millions of customers around the globe and hundreds of thousands of products sold each month.  Solace’s lab is constantly striving to find ways of further enhancing our customers experiences by delivering an ever safer and higher quality product.

With countless people transitioning from smoking combustible cigarettes to Solace’s products, Solace is continuing its mission to invent new technologies, which can minimize our products impact on a customers lifestyles and habits.

With ever improving technology, Solace’s founders are focusing on building a future where new inhalation based technologies can be used in pharmacological applications that go beyond nicotine delivery systems.

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