Making the switch to vaping can be daunting. You might be set with your first e-cig, your chosen e-liquids and your head is full of advice. But it might still be challenging.

Most people who are wanting to start vaping instead of smoking are attempting to break years of habitual behaviour, that first cig with your coffee in the morning, or when you are driving to work.

While vaping makes stamping out the ciggies easier, it can still be difficult. So, this is your guide to the first stages of vaping. What should you expect and how can you avoid common pitfalls that may have you reaching for your lighter.



Ensure you have picked an e-cig that meets your needs and will help you replicate the sensation of smoking.


You don’t want your e-cig running out of charge halfway through a stressful work day so make sure you have the correct charger.


Vaping and smoking are very different, sometimes drawing on an e-cig can take some getting used too. You don’t want to accidentally burn out your atomizer and be left with none.


Now, don’t go mad and buy every flavour. But having a couple of e-liquids choose from is great in case you quickly go off a flavour or think you have picked the wrong strength.


Knowing that there are people on hand to help can help ease worries.

Ensure your family and friends know about the journey you are making, so they can help if you are struggling.

Your local vape shop is always a source of advice. If you cannot get into a store use our live chat or forum. Remember no question is a silly one.

Other vapers love sharing knowledge. Go on social media and ask a question, you might be surprised at the support you receive.


They might still happen, just remember that they are short lived. Have a couple of draws on you e-cig and know that they will have passed within 10 minutes.

If you are consistently craving cigarettes there is a chance that you need a different strength e-liquid. So, pop into your local Totally Wicked store to discuss your options.


Do not let this put you off. Most people cough when they first start vaping. The vapour you inhale is very different to the smoke from a cigarette and it can take a little while to get used too.

Drink more water than usual and keep in mind that it will pass.

If it doesn’t there is a chance that your nicotine strength is slightly too high, as above pop into your local store for advice.


Please. Now if you buy your e-cig in store they may have done a full set up with you, but still read the manual.


Even if you are struggling at first, don’t give up. Talk to us, we are a company of vapers who have been through exactly the same journey as you and we are always on hand to offer a friendly ear.